Saturday, December 1, 2012

Featured on

A few days ago I got a message from a fellow Deviant Artist, xtraneus, asking if he could have permission to feature some of my work on his website. Well, of course I said YES!!!! I was really floored and excited to be asked because I am always grateful when people enjoy my work and I take their complements to heart. Tonight I got the message from him that the page entry was ready and he had put it up on his site. I am featured along with another steampunk artisan, Amiee Steinberger [link], who made a retrofitted nerf gun into a steampowered sidearm and a 3D artist, Oscar Blanco [link], who did a cool Ipod image.

I appreciate it anytime someone comments on my deviations because it helps me realize that there are others who share my love of steampunk and I also hope that I can inspire others in some way to try their hand at creating their own steampunk machinations. It is so much fun to make these things and see works of art come from what would otherwise be cast off bits of "junk".

Please go over to the blog [link] and if you can check out xtraneous' page here on Deviant Art too. [link]