Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Goggle Project: Part 2

I roughed up all the parts for these new goggles to hopefully give the paint a better surface to grip onto this time around.  Then, I seperated out the parts that I wanted to try with one color paint and after the black Fusion paint had dried I painted these with a silver product that is supposed to leave a hammered finish.
I also covered the treads on the rigid section where the lenses screw on to try to avoid making it difficult to screw the rings on and off.  It didn't take long for a couple of coates of the silver to dry completely and be ready for the clear finish to be painted on later in the next step.

It's hard to tell in this next pic but I painted the flexible face mask part with the black fusion paint and tried to allow a lot of time for it to get dry.  The instructions state that you have to give this seven days to dry completely so we will just have to wait to see how this turns out.  In the mean time you can handle the item a lot sooner so I drilled small, concentric holes all around the outside of the mask so I can add small screws to make it look like the whole thing was assembled from even more pieces.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Goggle Project

I started a new set of the larger goggles for Steampunking recently.  My partner picked this set up at a local hardware store because finding the cup style seems next to near impossible at times.
These are a little different from the style of the pair that I modified for myself because the front does not flip up and there is a plastic rivet holding the flexible section to the hard plastic lens frame.  Taken apart it looks like this.
And probably one of the most interesting things about these goggles is the different sort of air vents all around the body of the flexible mask.  They have a strange appearance when faced forward so I think the best thing is just to paint them a lighter color than the rest and not do much more to them.
I sanded everything down including the entire mask to see if this will help the paint to grip better and not feel sticky later on.  The fusion paint is supposed to adhere more strongly to plastic and then sealing everything with clear coat seems as if it would prevent the tacky sensation that is still on my Excelsior goggles.