Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ebay Global Shipping Program

So, it's safe to say that I have used eBay for quite a long time whether as a buyer or a seller.  Recently the site introduced a new program called the Global Shipping Program wherein you can have your items appear for sale in other countries but when they sell you only have to send them to a hub center here in the US and they send the package internationally.  The upside of this was supposed to be more visibility to a wider audience, less stress with sending things overseas plus a discount on your final value fees.  Reality, however, has a way of taking the fun out of these kinds of things.

As we activated this new system and started having stuff show up on eBay's global collection of sites we assumed that there would be a huge increase in traffic but we really didn't notice any more views than usual.  Finally, when we did sell two items back to back in different countries we realized that eBay was not guiding us on the shipping piece of the sale.  The customer in Germany who bought one item messaged us for the invoice, which is strange because this is usually sent as soon as the auction ends.  That's when I discovered that Germany is not covered under the Global Shipping Program so we not only had to ship the item directly overseas ourselves but we also missed out on the discount to our final selling fees.  The second item sold to someone in Macedonia which, guess what, is also not on the list so we have to ship this directly ourselves. 

My partner and I discussed just not using the program any longer and sticking with selling here in the U.S. as we had before so we could avoid some of this headache.  This morning when I checked eBay I had a new message about an update to the user agreement that in short stated that any item listed on eBay will now be subject to randomly being placed into the Global Shipping Program whether we want it to be there or not.  This prompted me to try to contact eBay directly to determine how I can be un-enrolled from their grand new plan but since there is really no way to email them with questions and you have to phone up a call center of theirs which seems to be more a cul de sac than anything else.

I would like to be able to find an alternative to eBay so I can sell some of the more modern items that I'm restricted from selling on Etsy.  I know I have tried this kind of search in the past without a lot of luck but I have just really gotten tired of eBay's fees, Pay Pal's fees (also owned by eBay) and the apparent disregard for the individual sellers using the site.  Anyway, wish me luck.

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  1. There are quite a few sites, but none with the visibility of ebay unfortunately.

    You could also try selling on here and creating rules (ie: paypal only or domestic buyers only).

    There might also be some apps for setting up a store on a fb page. I know that you can set up one through different sites.

    This is a direct link from fb page to etsy:

    And this is a link to our fb page store:

    There may be a fb page only app that lets you incorporate a store right on your page. I'm not sure.

    But, good luck!