Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goggles on Consignment‏

Greetings fellow journey-persons.  I have been busy with all sorts of things for the past several weeks including things reality as well as steampunk so please forgive my absence.  I wanted to post about my recent trip to a local store here in the fair burg of Charlotte, NC (named after a real life queen, of course.)  The quaint little shop is named Backstage: Unique Vintage Apparel and deals in all types of classical and ancient memorabilia, period clothing as well as custom made steampunk gear and apparel.  I was floored to find such as this here amongst the super-strip malls, convenience stores and other generic commercialized places of trade and commerce.
The proprietor of this shop is the Lady J.B. who is not only an artist and seamstress herself but enjoys collecting and repurposing all types of cast off odds and ends to transform seemingly ordinary objects into marvelous examples of anachronistic paraphernalia.  She also rents out just about anything in the store so one can satisfy that need to go to a costume party any time of the year and look fantastic.
I placed a pair of my Albion Dynamo goggles on display and J.B. was kind enough to show them off up front so customers could be greeted by them as they walk in the door.  We had a great time meeting J.B. and her husband while we were there and I would most certainly recommend anyone drop in to check the place out Wednesdays thru Sundays.  Besides, you may find some treasure there that you just can’t live without.

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